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Catskills, NY


The older we get, the less scary the ending of summer and the more appealing the advance of fall/winter become. It feels easier to swap salty, tan skin and sand fleas for experiences high on our cozy meter: a lodge in the woods, a crackling fire, and fluffy sweaters. Hence, the month of November found us painstakingly plowing through Airbnb to find a house that was not only still up for grabs (let’s just say we are not big on early planning...), but also met our idea of the perfect Thanksgiving getaway, or was in other words triplet-approved. Much to our surprise, we found the perfect spot - a beautiful modern house huddled in the woods by a lake deep in NY state.

In the mornings, we would chat over coffee and homemade pancakes, enveloped by the large windows that gave us the perfect view to the outdoors and rendered the need to ever leave the house somehow less urgent. Our well laid-out plans for daily hikes and runs by the lake quickly disintegrated into lazy hangouts by the backgammon table, book and tea in hand.

At night, we would drink homemade cocktails while getting embarrassingly passionate over board games. With poor cell phone reception, the nearest town 15 minutes driving distance, and the dark woods pressing in on us, all our childhood fears seemed to reemerge and become magnified (compounded by our inability to resist a good scary movie and our perverse desire to listen to eerie movie soundtracks).

We are certainly going to draw inspiration from this place!

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