Tel Aviv


We had heard a lot about Tel Aviv’s fun nightlife and met a few amazing people from the city, so we were prepared to fall in love. And fall in love we did…Especially when it comes to the energy and atmosphere of the city, there is no other place from our travels that compares. The white buildings, with brand new constructions interspersed with derelict ones, gave it a unique feel of history and modernism. The city felt young and buzzy - electric scooters and bikes whizzed by, toned people jogged at all times of the day, and the streets were filled with revellers late into the warm nights.


Imagine a city flanked by the longest strip of fine sand and the warmest Mediterranean water where the sun sets in an explosion of dramatic color every single day, drawing the locals to a post-work magical happy hour. Soft house music spills onto the sand from the cafes dotting the beachstrip. This is Tel Aviv.


If we were allowed to have only one type of cuisine for the rest of our lives, Israeli food would be a great way to go. We could live off the combination of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and various sides such as tahini and tuna salad, which seem to be a breakfast staple (Cafe Shneor and Cafe Lucia are two great places to try this combo). We could also live off the impossibly delicious, creamy charred eggplant we tried several times. Above all, we were smitten with Port Sai’d - it’s a place that we were separately recommended by several Israeli friends, and we are more than convinced. With its simple, rich menu (try the eggplant and herring), buzzy atmosphere, walls lined with records, and blend of reggae, electronic, and jazzy music, this place bewitched us.


There definitely is a thing or two that Tel Avivians know about creating a good atmosphere. After walking around the narrow streets of the Florentin neighborhood for some time in search of Teder, a food and music venue, we stumbled upon a heavy door concealing a cobblestoned courtyard laden with plants and string lights. This is a spot where Tel Avivians gather to indulge in a slice of pizza, down a well-balanced cocktail or two, and immerse themselves in the sounds of Teder’s radio.


Above all, what will keep drawing us back to Tel Aviv are the people. Several nights found us chatting about Israeli culture and politics on our friend’s balcony. Israelis strike us as a resourceful people that embraces risk and doesn't take anything for granted - an entrepreneurial, fearless spirit that we are keen to soak up.

Triplet Tips:


Neve Tzedek

Rothschild Boulevard